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English Extraordinaires
Feb 28, 2019

English Extraordinaires

Learning a language is challenging. Without a source of immersion, the language can be hard to pick up or practice, and sometimes you don’t know of a way to get involved. Learning doesn’t need to be challenging or difficult; here at IBU, we pride ourselves in making learning an immersive and enjoyable experience, especially when it comes to learning English.

The Let’s Enjoy English competition is hosted annually by the English Language and Literature Department, as a way for young English learners to get involved with hands-on learning in a fun and challenging environment. The competition is divided up into 3 categories.

A General Knowledge Quiz starts the competition, with questions including everything from Grammar to Literature and most things in between. British and American culture is also included. Having to rely on the lessons they’ve attended, as well as deductive abilities, students answer the questions to the best of their knowledge, competing to represent their school in the final, public round.

A Spelling Bee follows the Quiz, which asks contestants to test their vocabulary as well as their reference to both British and American spelling. Not only is this category faster paced then the rest, but it is a chance to expand your knowledge and compete on stage.

Finally, we have the writing category. Writopia asks students to express a chosen theme. However, students must use the theme to write a creative short story, not an essay, and without exceeding the limit of 300 words. By competing in Writopia, students learn how to say more with less, pushing the limits of their narrative skills.

Not only is the competition a great way to experience English creatively, but the winners of Let’s Enjoy English often find their way back to our University. Hana Skarić, first-place winner of the General Knowledge Quiz, now studies English on a scholarship in our English Language and Literature Department.

Let’s Enjoy English not only helps your skills, but helps your future; and while doing so, makes your present fun and immersive in the best learning experience in Bosnia and Hercegovina.