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Linguistics Club (LC)

Linguistics Club (LC)

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Linguistics Club (LC) was established in the fall of 2010 within the Department of English Language and Literature at International Burch University. LC serves as a platform for students to develop academically and socially and explore a variety of language and language related fields. Linguistics club gives students a chance to get together outside the classroom, find out something new about language or linguistics. 

Through a wide range of annual activities, students are allowed to display their creativity, talents, and skills outside of the regular curriculum.

The Linguistics Club welcomes students from ELL with an interest in Linguistics, Literature, Public Speaking, Languages, and Movies. It tries to prove that all of these fields are connected to one another. Membership is open to all students. Our purpose is to:

  • inspire a general interest in Linguistics and related fields among Burch University students
  • host Linguistics and language-related events for the public
  • provide a forum for advising Burch students on their ideas, questions, and projects.
  • help students in their understanding of Linguistics and languages


Past events

In the last 5 years LC organized a number of events and worked on publishing the biannual magazine „Courier“. The Club welcomed professors from other universities, prepared workshops, organized literature days, held film and book discussions, as well as lectures about various aspects of language. Additionally, LC attended and organized diverse plays where students got the opportunity to learn about and experience editing, directing, and acting.


Debate corner

Considering the needs of students and with aim of giving opportunities of self-development in oral and communication skills, but also active involvement in everyday events, the Linguistics club has decided to organize biannual debates.


The aim of “Debate corner” considering self-development of students is to:

  • Help them understand the importance of public speaking and debating skills in our life
  • Develop their abilities in area of oral communication
  • Train them to make an argument, develop enthymeme, tactics, and refutation, as the basic debate skills
  • Introduce them to Karl Popper and  World School Debate formats
  • Inform and involve students in present problems in each area inside and outside the country


The aim of “Debate corner” as long-term projects is to:

  • Organize rhetorical workshops with trained debaters
  • Organize debates with other universities
  • Cooperate with the “Center of culture of dialog” in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Participate in parliamentary debate tournaments indented for university students  


Everyone is welcome to join us. Events are a great way to get to know new people, have fun, and learn a bit about Linguistics. Our meetings are open to any Burch student.