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Voluntary Blood Donation Action
Dec 07, 2016

Voluntary Blood Donation Action

On December 6, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the International Burch University Student Association of the Faculty of Education (SAFE) and volunteers of The Red Cross of Ilidža organized a very important event - voluntary blood donation.

Thanks to students and staff of the University who have taken part in this humanitarian act, 27 doses of blood were collected. This is the 4th blood donation event organized in cooperation with the International Burch University.

On this occasion we thank the students and staff for their blood donations. We are glad that they are aware of the importance of this significant event and that they know that if you are a blood donor, you are a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.

Prepared by Fatima Kovačević and Alesandro Tomić