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Action of Cleaning the Campus
Mar 29, 2017

Action of Cleaning the Campus

As previously announced, SAFE held an action of cleaning the campus, parking lot, and streets surrounding the university.

Unfortunately, there was a large quantity of garbage, which reflects an actual level of our society's consciousness and reality. According to the initiator of the action and the president of SAFE, Fatima Kovačević, the members of the association have gladly responded to the action, and were accompanied by some professors. Leading by the quote that nature can live without a man hence a man cannot without a nature, members of SAFE wanted to make the environment more beautiful, and to evoke an awareness in people. This is just one of many positive stories that this association implemented.

Hereby, we announce approaching humanitarian activity for families in need, and the visit to the Ilidža nursing home about which students will be informed in detail in days to come.