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Professor Shahab Yar Khan on European Renaissance
Dec 03, 2017

Professor Shahab Yar Khan on European Renaissance

On 30th of November 2017, English Language and Literature Department hosted a guest lecture by professor Shahab Yar Khan.

In his speech Prof. Khan redefined  the meaning of Renaissance in Europe as an “artful” process of seeing life as a manipulable autonomy through the eyes of those who decided to build their ‘selves’ upon the intellectual ruins of human history. All human cultures and societies go through their renaissances but the level of their impact on human mind and its development depends upon the power of ‹the mechanism of stagnancy›. 

Prof. Khan clarified this mechanism through witch burning practice in Europe. He stated that authorities burned around nine million innocent people during this so-called renaissance period.

The stagnancy mechanism should be kept in mind while interpreting the meaning of ‘European Renaissance’, since Renaissance did not happen simultaneously throughout Europe and Europe never existed as one integral cultural unit; the stagnancy mechanism gave various participant nations different outlook and varying formative outlines. Prof. Khan distinguished Renaissance from Genessance and Primussance as concepts which indicate not rebirth but a genuine birth in peripheral geographies such as Balkans and British isles.