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Promotion of the project - "Kutak slobode"
Jul 17, 2017

Promotion of the project - "Kutak slobode"

English Language and Literature Department student organizes the promotion of the project within the organization Humanity in Action.

On June 7th, student of International Burch University, Amir Pečenković organized the promotion of the project entitled "Kutak slobode" in Networks premises.

The student project kutakslobode.com is a web site that has emerged as a student project within the program of promoting social values and civic activism of the organization Humanity in Action.

"Kutak slobode" aims to provide its customers with new perspectives, supported by facts and reviews of experienced experts in the field of economy through videos, interviews, essays, and relevant translations of liberal economic prospects.

The project was initiated in May 2017, and besides its existing members it plans to include other interested young people. It is primarily motivated by the lack of information of people of BiH about the fundamental principles and concepts of the economy, particularly free market. That is why project’s goal is to influence the accuracy of public debate, create a community of well-educated young people who will exponentially expand their knowledge and enthusiasm for the free market and economy, and resist the state dependence culture (Statism).

The project was greatly supported by the professors of International Burch University, University of Tuzla, and University of Sarajevo who offered their written and video interviews related to the Free Market and Entrepreneurship in BiH.