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SAFE's Visit to the Nursing Home "Vitalis"
Apr 21, 2017

SAFE's Visit to the Nursing Home "Vitalis"

As it was previously announced, the members of SAFE visited the nursing home "Vitalis" which is situated at Ilidza. It should immediately be pointed out that this was one of the many humanitarian activities in which students of SAFE and Burch University in general were engaged in. Moreover, that this has possibly been the most memorable activity so far.

Up to this point SAFE members have primarily collected money and donated it to socially-endangered children, or visited children who are in hospitals. All of those visits were very emotional, even distressing in their own ways, however, the visit to people in their final life stages left a special mark on all students. 

''After the meeting of our association, a second year student from the department of English Language and Literature, Berina Šijerkić proposed a visit to the nursing home, and the proposal was gladly accepted. A few days prior to the visit we announced ourselves to the staff of "Vitalis", which responded in a very short notice and were positively surprised with our visit. After a concluded money-collecting action, we bought cakes and went to visit those lovely people. It was truly a pleasure to talk to the elders, to listen to their life experiences, to put smiles on their faces" - said Fatima Kovačević, the president of the association.

Even though the nursing home "Vitalis" is equipped according to all the highest standards, and the staff is very kind and competent in their work. The residents of the nursing home have been thrilled by the visit of the members of SAFE, which was most certainly a refreshment to their daily life, and they expressed their wish for a new get-together in their home, or some nice fieldtrip during the spring.