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Mar 20, 2017

Secret Friend by SAFE

With the spring semester starting, the SAFE activities started as well. In the first meeting of this semester, members discussed about the successful past activities along with the future plans of the Association.

The first activity named "secret friend" had a team-building as a goal. All members of the SAFE were secret friends to someone, which meant that they had to give a gift to a certain member without their knowledge in order to brighten up their day. The students were happy with the idea, because that was an interesting and fun way to get to know their colleagues better.

The following activity that SAFE planned is the Clean the campus and its surroundings action. With this opportunity SAFE members invite all students to join their cause. The following week, a charity event for socially and financially endangered families in Ilidža as well as a visit to the senior citizens shelter will be organized. The exact dates and other details will be soon released.

By Fatima Kovačević and Alesandro Tomić