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"Surviving the coming exams" by SAFE
Nov 16, 2017

"Surviving the coming exams" by SAFE

The SAFE association held a presentation and a follow-up discussion on the topic of “Surviving the coming exams”.

David Jeremic, a freshman at the Department of English Language and Literature, held a presentation on studying methods, where he summarized some of the most prominent methods of studying, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each one. At the end of the presentation, students watched a video on the “exam fever” all students feel prior to an exam. Students from different departments talked about their studying 'quirks', and exchanged ideas concerning the fastest and easiest ways of learning study material. Finally, they shared advice on how one might go about successfully passing the exams to come.

“This presentation and the discussion with students from other years and departments has, I believe, truly prepared them, in a relaxed and interesting manner, for their exams. We have tried, in exchanging our previous experiences, to do away with the stress and the nervousness, both of which are generally present among students, most notably among freshmen,” said Fatima Kovačević, SAFE’s president. The members of SAFE wish all students academic success, and also good luck in all their future endeavors.