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The Orientation Day for the Freshmen
Oct 05, 2017

The Orientation Day for the Freshmen

The ELL Department at Burch University Held an Orientation Day for the New Academic Year 2017/18

The teaching staff at the English Language and Literature Department, led by Assist. Prof. Dr. Amna Brdarević-Čeljo, organized an Orientation Day for freshman students.

In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the entire teaching staff at the Department led by Dean of the Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Senad Bećirović introduced themselves and welcomed the new students wishing them nothing but success in their studies. The freshmen also received more information about courses they have in their first year. After getting a glimpse of some of the most interesting courses at the department that they will have a chance to take in the future, the students were intrigued and expressed great enthusiasm for their studies at the Department.

Apart from the classes, the freshmen were encouraged to get involved in additional extracurricular activities that will expand and enrich their knowledge, skills, and social life, such as the Linguistics Club of the Faculty of Education and Humanities which presented their program for this academic year.

At the end, junior year students held a short performance during which they read a series of classical poems accompanied by a guitar played by Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat Oner. 

The teaching staff and freshmen are looking forward to an exciting academic year ahead.