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"Twelve angry men" - Audition
Dec 01, 2017

"Twelve angry men" - Audition

On the 28th of November 2017, The Linguistics Club held a casting audition for the upcoming adaptation of Rose’s “Twelve angry men”.

The auditions were open to anyone interested in acting. In fact, students from several departments at International Burch University, as well as a number of high school students from The International School, participated. The participants were split into pairs and after choosing a prompt, were given 5 minutes to prepare a scene and act it out.

The casting directors were three students from the Department of English Language and Literature, with previous experience in acting, as well as in directing plays. In addition, the audition was supervised by Assist. Prof. Murat Oner and Teach. Assist. Eldin Milak. Following the auditions, the casting directors held a meeting where they decided who is the most suitable for each role, and informed the participants of their decision shortly after. The play, “Twelve angry people”, is planned to be staged by the end of this fall semester.