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Visit to the War Childhood Museum
Mar 31, 2017

Visit to the War Childhood Museum

On the March 30, 2017 students of the SAFE organisation have visited recently relocated and reopened War Childhood Museum.

The Museum exhibits a collection of personal belongings, stories and experiences in audio and video format, photographs, letters, drawings, and other documents which evoke the feeling and experience of growing up during a wartime. Delighted with the welcome they received form the museum staff, the students were guided through the unique and interesting process of taking the tour and experiencing the story behind every exhibit.  

The museum itself is very well organised. When you enter, you are presented with a tablet and headset, with which you can hear the personal history behind every exhibit narrated by the survivors and witnesses. At the end of the tour, our students put their names in the notice book as part of the SAFE organisation. The museum staff informed the students about the lifetime entry ticket, which supports the development of the museum and preservation of the exhibits.

Due to the large number of students who were not able to attend the tour, the SAFE organisation is planning a second visit, more information will be provided after the midterm exams.