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"Career and Coffee" with the Head of the ELL Department
May 10, 2018

"Career and Coffee" with the Head of the ELL Department

On Wednesday, May 9, The Linguistic Club held the second “Career and coffee” talk. This time the special guest was the Head of the English Language and Literature Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Amna Brdarević-Čeljo.

Professor Amna spoke about her beginnings in the teaching practice and some other jobs she did before coming to International Burch University. As a professor of language, she shared her passion for English, and gave some valuable career advice to students who carefully listened to the talk while enjoying their cup of coffee.

As the talk went on, they asked our guest questions they were curious about, many of which were related to their own future careers and opportunities. Students were greatly interested in professor’s reasons for studying the English language, thus professor shared her ideas and opinions about different fields of English and suggested how to start off in each of them. 

In the end, students were thankful to professor Amna for giving the talk and sharing her experiences, since it helped them a lot in making their own plans for the future.