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FEH celebrates the end of academic year
Jul 20, 2018

FEH celebrates the end of academic year

On July 19, Faculty of Education and Humanities decided to celebrate the end of Academic year 2017/18.

This academic year was very busy, demanding, and sometimes even hard, but it all paid off for the Faculty of Education and Humanities, since it managed to carry out a couple of successful projects. This year, the Faculty organized the competition for high school students “Let’s Enjoy English,” the multidisciplinary 5th International Student Symposium, as well as several departmental projects. Also, the first issue of the Journal of Education and Humanities is coming out soon.

Thus, after a year of classes, exams, and extracurriculars, staff members decided to relax in the nature with a barbeque. The beautiful natural site, Stojčevac, very well-prepared meat, and amazing weather, contributed to the overall happy and satisfied mood.