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Haitian-American Culture and Heritage with Blenda Alexandre
May 28, 2018

Haitian-American Culture and Heritage with Blenda Alexandre

On 23rd of May 2018, The Linguistic Club held another Skyping session, this time with Blenda Alexandre, a Haitian_american graduate students from Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA.

Blenda talked about Haitian culture and history, Haitian Creole, and everyone’s favorite part, Haitian cuisine. She touched upon various topics throughout Haitian history. Among them she mentioned the Haiti earthquake in 2010 that took around 160.000 lives. Blenda also shared several famous Haitian recipes, talked about Haitian lemonade and fruit whose pronunciation is debated to this day - plantains. 

Blenda also touched on the experience of growing up in the US as a Haitian-American, and the common stereotypes and social microaggressions she deals with on a daily basis. She talked about the difficulties she had accepting her identity in high school, and coming to terms with it in the years to come. 

The session concluded with questions from the audience, as well as with Blenda sharing her favorite Haitian fruit salad recipe with the class.