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Harry Potter Quiz Competition
Jan 09, 2018

Harry Potter Quiz Competition

Harry Potter competition is in full swing, but this time one house is in a great lead. On 4th of January 2018, Department of English Language and Literature organized the second competition between Harry Potter houses.

This time, three students from each house competed in a quiz which consisted of various categories such as Harry Potter books, literature, language, art, and science. Questions were not easy, but students gave their best to win points for their house. Students demonstrated different characteristics. Some were brave, some ambitious, some were wise, and some cheerful. 

The winner of the competition was house Slytherin, closely followed by the house Gryffindor. The winners got 30 points for their house and are now far above the other houses. However, The Head of the House Slytherin, Teach. Assist. Eldin Milak, warned all students that things can turn over anytime, since there is a final and a very mysterious competition which will carry the highest amount of points – 100 points for the winners.

We wonder, who will be the winner?!