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"No Dice, No Rice" Vocabulary Competition
May 17, 2018

"No Dice, No Rice" Vocabulary Competition

On 16th of May, 2018, the Linguistic Club gathered for the “No Dice, No Rice” vocabulary competition, where students not only had the chance to win valuable prizes, but also donate 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program with each correct answer.

Website freerice.com offers users to donate rice to charity by answering questions correctly. Questions come from various fields – from English language vocabulary, literature, and famous quotations, to chemistry, biology, geography, history, etc.

By the end of the competition students had donated around 1600 grains of rice, and the winner of the competition was the 1st year student of English Language and Literature Department, David Jeremić.

Considering that hunger is one of the greatest problems of today’s society, this competition is a humane way to show that we care. Thus, we are proud of our students and the Linguistic Club for organizing “No Dice, No Rice.”