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T-Club Auditions
Nov 09, 2018

T-Club Auditions

Over the past few days, T-Club organized interviews and auditions for two different plays that are planned to be finalized by the end of this semester. 


The first play, for which auditions were recently held, is called "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" directed by David Jeremić, and the second is a cover version of one of the "FRIENDS" series or, as we like to call it, “FRIENDS Remake”, directed by Emir Šogolj. In addition, the potential performers were asked to prepare an improvisation and monologue for their acts. As we expected, all participants were very creative and original, and had some amazing and rememberable moments. They showed up fully prepared and equipped with all materials needed to leave the audience pleasantly surprised. All further activities and gatherings, regarded the plays and carefully chosen actors, are under supervision of the T-Club president  Amila Dautbašić in collaboration with Teaching Assistant Mersad Dervić.


We truly hope that all our students are looking forward to seeing one of these two plays, or even both, so do not forget to like our club page on Facebook, and stay up to date with all information related to T-Club and its future activities and performances.