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ELL Department students on Erasmus+ exchange program at the University of Leon
Jan 10, 2020

ELL Department students on Erasmus+ exchange program at the University of Leon

Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Education and Humanities at International Burch University is proudly presenting compendious insights from sophomore students Nedima Krndžija and Emir Šogolj, whose unequivocally valuable experiences signify the synergy between self – fullfilment and knowledge expansion.

With the aim to provide students with an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, International Burch University continuously encourages students to participate in Erasmus+ exhange programs. Students from the Department of English language and Literature have been eagerly participating  in the exchange programs for several generations now, and this year, two of them, Nedima Krndžija i Emir Šogolj, decided to seize the opportunity to study in Spain.

In our recent conversation, Nedima indicated that they have successfully managed to thoroughly immerse in the new academic environment and leisure activities and that they are still in the process of getting acclimatized to the differences in the Spanish educational system and curriculum that are unique to their exhange program.

Nedima also emphasized that they areeagerly applying the skills that they obtained throughout their study at the ELL Department in their studies at the University of Leon. Discussing his initial worry, preparatory steps and his distinctive travel experience, Emir indicated that even though they had an idea of what the entire exchange program might look like, they were stunned by what lied ahead which they haven't initially envisioned. Emir proceeded to note that their ambition perfectly depicts their productivity and determination and „enables us to display our personalities and represent the place we come from in the best light possible.“

Nedima regarded the city of Leon as a „wonderful city with luxurious history that eliminates boredom and provides numerous chances for exploration“ whereas Emir commented on the city's features and expressed that they were pleasantly surprised by its fine resemblance to Sarajevo, „especially its main street, which is particularly reminiscent of Ferhadija.“ Moreover, the students also commented on the overall atmosphere at the University of Leon, saying that „it is not as convivial as it is at International Burch University due to the fact that the number of students is significantly higher at the University of Leon which makes it difficult for professors to extensively meet and spend time with all students.“.

Nevertheless, the students concluded their report by emphasizing the overall nature and benefits of the exchange program, regarding it asan extremely wonderful experience that has further enriched their knowledge and broadened their horizons through extensive contact with various and numerous countries, cultures, personalities and lifestyles. Nedima and Emir wholeheartedly recommend seizing the opportunity to study abroad with Erasmus+ to everyone, especially to those who are not certain whether or not to embark on such a journey.

We wish our students a nice stay and much success with their exams and are looking forward to their return.