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End-of-fall-semester gathering event at the Faculty of Education and Humanities
Jan 10, 2020

End-of-fall-semester gathering event at the Faculty of Education and Humanities

Confidently approaching the end of the semester and the upcoming exams, the students from the Faculty of Education and Humanities organized a gathering event during which they reflected on their productivity throughout the semester, addressed some of their work, demonstrated their passion for constructive research and perspective broadening and ultimately, alongside the staff members, further reinforced diligence and community building.

Thus, in his presentation on stoicism, senior ELL student, Raid Ćulah, meticulously discussed the concepts of wisdom, courage, justice, temperance, self-authenticity, self-awareness, perseverance and passion and proceeded to address, through both the philosophical and existentialist perspective, the existence of the aforementioned components in the present. Similarly, approaching the topic from a historical and personal perspective, ELL student Ajla Smajić thoroughly scrutinized connotations behind the color pink, addressed the exhaustive influence of society on gender development and reviewed deleterious effects of the imposed conformity to the traditionally constructed idea of gender through the „pink lens“.

On the other hand, the ambience and purpose of the event was further complemented by three readings. Namely, the reading of limerick poem by a first year student Ajla Aljović, the reading of a metaphor about Sarajevo written by the second year student Fatma Lafcioglu and presented by her class instructor Ms. Catherine Norman Tahirović, and the reading of a children's short story written by the second year student Uma Hamzić were characterized with an exceptional approach to the literary composition and figurative expressiveness featuring creativity and distinctive components such as imagery, tone, diction and plot.

A concluding act that the attendees were presented with was the enjoyable guitar playing performed by prof. Murat Oner with food and refreshments being served and enjoyed, and with the students celebrating the feeling of positivity and togetherness.