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Prospective Students

1. Where is the International Burch University (IBU) located?

International Burch University is located in Ilidža-Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Does Burch accept students from other countries?

As in the name of university - International Burch University accepts students from all countries around the world.

3. Which Faculties and departments does IBU have?

Faculty of Engineering

       -Department of Computer Engineering

Faculty of Education

       -Turkish Language and Literature

       -English Language and Literature

Faculty of Economics

       -Management Department


4. What is the education language at IBU?

The language for all departments is English, except for the Turkish Language and Literature Department, where the education language is Turkish.

5. Is the preparation class necessary?

They arrange a placement exam to find out students’ English level excluded the students of Turkish language and literature. Students who pass this exam can directly join the class. Also students who get 300 points from TOEFL or 180 points from IELTS exam will be counted their adequate.

6. How many years takes the education at IBU?

The education period for the Faculty of Education is 4+1 years, for Engineering and Faculty of Economics is 3+2 years. The MA thesis for the Educational Faculty is 1 year and for other faculties 2 years.

7. Is it possible to transfer from IBU to another university or from other universities to IBU?

It is possible to transfer from all European or American Universities to IBU, since IBU complies with the Bologna criteria

8. Does IBU have programs for master and doctorate?

Yes, IBU has programs for master and doctorate. For the Department of English Language and Literature visit: http://gsu.ibu.edu.ba/index.php?id=807.

9. How much does the education cost at IBU?



3,000.00 KM

 FACULTY OF ECONOMICS(For two semester)

6,400.00 KM


7,400.00 KM

 FACULTY OF EDUCATION (For two semester)

4,400.00 KM


4,000.00 KM


10. Is there any extra payment?

For the resistance permission in Bosnia and Herzegovina the student is obligaetd to pay 200 euro and 200 euros for the books. It makes totally 400 euros for per year.

11. What are the accomodation opportunities like?

There are some dormitories for girls and boys. There is an opportunity for consulting and guiding for students who want to stay at rented houses, as well.

12. How much do the students dormitory cost?

They cost 150 euro for mounth.