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About Undergraduate Program

About Undergraduate Program

English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature Department is an integrated undergraduate and masters program. It offers major in English Language and Literature. The duration of studies is 4 years for the undergraduate level, and 1 year for the MA. The basic components of the undergraduate program consist of professional courses including methodological and pedagogical approaches to foreign language teaching, theoretical and applied linguistics and translation. TheDepartment provides courses related to literture, linguistics, translation second language acquisition and second language teaching methodology and organizes practice teaching in selected schools, and translation internships with partner companies. Other courses of the program are offered by various departments of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Engineering. Through elective courses, students are provided with opportunities to pursue individual interests in various cultural and professional subjects.


Aims and objectives

Primary aim of The English Language and Literature Department is to train students to be professional and proficient linguistis and language teachers of English. In addition, a graduate of English department is expected to have skills of a bilingual translator. A graduate can also be a good researcher in literature and comparative grammar of languages. The goals of the Department of English Language and Literature are as follows:

To train students to be proficient skillful language teachers in all aspects of English language teaching

To provide opportunities for those who want to study in deeper subjects of the field

To conduct basic and experimental high quality researches and to apply linguistics and literature of English

To prepare a ground for the students so that they can learn how to use English fluently in daily life using the most advanced information technologies.

To develop effective communication abilities and joining into interdisciplinary teams

To give education to the students in a broad spectrum and their preparation for career in a wide range



English department has totally 240 ECTS credits of courses which are completely transferable within the European Education area and compatible to the equivalent programs of English in the USA, Australia and Asia. The courses are composed of field core courses and the ones related to teaching profession. It also offers a wide range of various elective courses which enable students to develop their hobbies and interests and make them a good citizen of the world.


Job opportunities

The graduates of the program will be called as English Language Teachers
-The graduates can work as researcher or in English language and literature, linguistics or translation studies
-They can work both in primary schools, secondary or high schools, or be independent English language instructors
-They can work as tourist guide or translator/interpreter at private companies in Tourism field or business